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Affinity is a game where you get to think about your friend in a deeper way that you used to.


This project came from a friend asking me if it was possible to develop a mobile game without using any of the game library available (and instead focusing on `Foundation` and `UIKit`).

While my first answer was "Probably", he then asked me if it would be as performant as a similar game built on top the mentioned frameworks. I didn't have a straight answer but my first intuition was that game frameworks provide with optimization for specific aspects, such as sprites or rendering objects on the screen, so as long as you can manage properly these aspects, then you should be able to do it. Or if your game would not require what these libraries are bringing to you.

Finally, he asked me what kind of game would not require what these libraries are offering. And that when I started imagining a simple game that would only using basic screen and mostly expect all the work to be done by the players on the other side of the screen.

I ended up developing a simple game where players are being prompt with random actions or personalities and have to device whose the person around the phone/tablet that correspond the most to the description. It was actually really fun to implement!

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