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Caravane IUT

I worked for the University Of Reunion Island as a software developer for 1 year, and that was awesome!

I have been responsible for debugging and maintening their own ERP (which appears to be a PHP framework developed by one of their developers) and free to participate in any project. `Caravane IUT` is one of them, it's an iPad application which promote the institute.


Every year, before the beginning of the new academic year, every institute visit the school and promote themselve about their formation.

The University Technological Institute where I was working asked me whether it'd be possible to develop a mobile application which could help them in their promotion amoung future students

  • Without taking too much time (the deadline was more or less 1 month) and
  • Without taking too much time on my main tasks.

This is typically the kind of moment when I can't retain myself from saying that the magic part of programming is that:

Nothing is impossible

In this project, I have been responsible for prototyping and designing an application for the institute taking in consideration its 5 departments and several non-avoidable specific information to include such as:

  • All formation available for each department
  • The program of each formation
  • The employment opportunities after the graduation

The greatest challenge I got during this project was to be able to manage my time to fulfill both my responsabilities as a software developer and developer for this application.

Project management was the key, I had to define a global Gantt Chart taking all my tasks in consideration and defining which ones was the critical ones. Extra work has been necessary every time I have been stucked with a technical issue.

The result is an awesome application which has been deployed on the institute's iPads with features such as:

  • Testimonies
  • Post Job Carreers
  • Institute Structure
  • Presentation of the departmnent's projects
  • Presentation of the student's organizations

What I learnt from this project