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华人太太 - Chinese Wife

As an IT engineer, I got my final student internship: I have been working for Weiyun Lookicloud in Wuhan, China. The boss of the company gave me one of the greatest opportunity in my life: he provides me all the resources to create an iOS department for him and manage it by myself. It was a great challenge and a beautiful offer for me, and I did my best to do the job and more. 华人太太 (Chinese Wife) is the first iOS application they published in the Apple Store, and so did I.


华人太太 (Chinese Wife) has been my first iOS project to publish on the store. Our customer was a medium company managing a forum for Chinese wives in China. They asked us to improve their structure (especially their backend) and to create a mobile application both on iOS and Android.

I have been responsible for prototyping and developing the iOS application.

In the first month, I worked closely with the design team to learn some basics about `user's experience`. I also hired 2 young iOS developers.

During the second month, we delivered a first version of the application, presenting its main design without any connection to the backend.

The third month we set up all the connection to the backend such as:

  • Requesting token for the connection and saving this token internally
  • Retrieving data to feed `table view` such as the topic view
  • Answering / Creating posts
  • Chatting with friends
  • etc...

The fourth month we finally released the application on the Apple Store. It was an important step for me since it was the opportunity to learn about its process. Our first attempt has been rejected for many reasons, and I got familiar with some basic knowledge to keep in mind while developing any iOS application, for example:

  • Do not mimic Apple's design (such as rounded icons)
  • Do not provide chat/forum without administration and rules

The final product provides a social-network environment where you can manage your account, discuss about many subjects or chat in private rooms with your friends and social network sharing content (with Weibo which was the main social network at this period).

What I learnt from this project

  • How to adapt yourself in a foreign professional environment
  • How to work with a team. Teaching to / Learning from them
  • Reporting my work, Agile methodologies
  • Handling stress, deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Apple Store Publication Process
  • Recruitment process