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FCTBubbleChat is an iOS framework which makes it easy to create a chatting view controller in any iOS project.

It was initially developed in Objective-C but I recently decided to rewrite it in Swift and to improve it in the process.

This project is based on BubbleFrame which is a custom view drawing the bubble canvas according to its inputs (bubbleType? avatar?).

The BubbleChatTableView is a custom table view where every cell contain a BubbleFrame.

Using a background picture would have made it easier, but it would have restricted the customization and the performance of the controller. In this way, the developer is free to modify the source code and make it fits to its design without having to modify art ressources.

With no more than 3 lines of code, you provide to your controller a chatting view.

let bubbleTableSample = FCTBubbleChatTableView(frame: self.bounds)
bubbleTableSample.bubbleDatasource = self


I am currently working on some custom update to make the developer's life easier, but it is totally ready to use if you want to give it a try:

Download it here