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What they said about me

I worked with a lot of people from different cultures. I can proudly say that I love learning from others and I love sharing.
This is what some of the people who worked with me said:

Rachel James Johnes
Richard LORION

Director of IUT La Réunion

I wish to emphasize that Mr. FOCK CHOW THO is extremely rigorous and serious in all his undertakings. He had an excellent working relationship with his colleagues and was very willing to work in a team. He was very respectful towards his line managers, and regularly wrote intermediate reports detailing the progress of his projects, and frequently came up with new ideas.

Rachel James Johnes

PhD Associate Professor in University of Reunion Island

In addition to being a serious and motivated student, he always had an original point of view on the concepts and technologies studied, making him able to take innovative actions to solve a problem. I believe it is a major strength of Sébastien's professional profile: he tries to innovate instead of always following a "routine" process, of course only when the situation requires such an innovation.

Rachel James Johnes

Manager of Prototype department - Nexter Munition

Sébastien has shown great listening and observation in the workshops and quickly understood our mode of operation. He also showed great responsibility and control in the work entrusted him.