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Geko Mobile

Geko Invest is an IT company in Reunion Island (France) focusing on mobile services delivering. Geko mobile was its first project launched in partnership with Engen Petroleum Ltd.


I have been hired by Geko Invest to prototype, design, develop and deploy Geko Mobile on both Apple and Android Stores.

To fulfill my assignement as a Mobile Project Manager, I based my work on AGILE methodology by seperating my work between several tasks with their own deadlines.

All these tasks generated a global Gantt Chart which highlighted the critics tasks.

This project can be summed up in few steps:

  • Prototyping the application
  • I used the powerful storyboard of xCode (which could be surprising at first) to prototype the application according to the customer's requirement. Indeed, it provides all the built-in components available with Objective-C and Swift.
  • Breaking the project into tasks
  • Most of the time, one specific view of the project can be dispatched into 2 to 4 tasks. For example, the Login View has been seperated into the following tasks:
    1. Designing and generating ressources
    2. Connecting to the API and requesting token
    3. If connection valid: saving credentials locally for reuse
    4. Else: reporting error
  • Synchronising work with the Android team

For this project, I developed the iOS version while the Android version was a code adaptation made by in-internship students

The first version of the application, published both on Apple Store and Google Play present several features:

  1. Map View with Geko partners' localization
  2. Profile view handling:
    • Customer's wallet
    • Money transfer
    • Geko Lottery counter
  3. Geko News
  4. Geko Setting managing customer's points of interest
  5. iBeacon technology which provides notification when the user is close to any of its points of interest

What I learnt from this project