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Leila is automation assistant, it helps you to track records of your daily tasks!


After I came back from my first job as a mobile developer, I was looking for any opportunity to build a mobile app than would be useful to someone.

My father who's a carpenter in Réunion island (France), is always meeting with his clients on work site, taking measures for potential projects he will be working on and then get back to his office where he enters his data on an excel spreadsheet in order to get an estimation of his work.

He asked me once if it would be possible to build a mobile app that would give him the figures directly while talking with the client, I took my laptop and started building this customized app immediately.

As the application was specifically designed for him (with his own formulas), I never published it to the store, instead I just installed the build directly on his device in a developer mode.

But I recently moved in Canada and it became harder to generate build that he could manually install (it's tedious and not straigth forward for the end user), and here came Leila.

I decided that if my father could increase his productivity with a mobile application, all other workers should. I wrote the specs for making an app "general" enough for being useful to anyone.

I'm striving to improve this app to be the perfect assistant for all workers in the world, so if you have any suggestion or feedback, feel free to contact me at sebastienfct@gmail.com

What I learnt from this project

  • Building a project from scratch
    1. I had to write the specs for this project myself
    2. I designed it completely
  • Project management
  • In order to give myself real goals, I created a free account on the amazing software Pivotal Tracker and I planified my work in the time.
  • In App Purchases
  • This is the very first project I build using in app purchases.

Use the app!

The application is free with a potential upgrade for $2.99, I made sure that anyone could fully use the feature of the app without the upgrade.

Download the app for iOS

Download the app for Android