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Patch Tarot

Patch Tarot is an amazing Tarot application enhancing your spiritual journey


I joined Spirit Studio in this amazing project.

Spirit Science was created in 2011 by Jordan David with the intention to share and discuss spirituality in an open and compassionate way, with respect for all walks of life and honoring that which is sacred within all of us.

My role as their mobile developer is to develop and maintain the mobile application Patch Tarot for both iOS and Android

This project was my first project fully implemented in Kotlin on the Android side and it's quite an accomplishment!

What I learnt from this project

  • Working as a contractor
  • Estimating your time, managing personal projects vs contracts
  • Project management
  • A good vision of where we were going was required for getting the project correctly developed. I have many responsiblities such as:
    1. Meeting with the client and getting clear on specs
    2. Working closely with beta testers
    3. Design and implement code
    4. Test the code against the business rules
    5. Maintain the code
    6. etc.

Get on board!

Patch tarot is really amazing, it takes care of the thinking and rational part of yourself and let you get to your inner self with simple but yet well explained descriptions.

We're now willing to improve this application to get as close as possible to our user's expectation, if you have any feedback, leave us a message at sebastienfct@gmail.com