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I'm a borderless Mobile Developer willing to learn...

My name is Sebastien FOCK CHOW THO and I‘m a 28 years old IT Engineer. I‘m a hard-working, easy-going and ambitious developer from Reunion Island, France.

I am interested in new technologies and innovation concerning mobile applications. I believe that people are almost born with a smartphone and that‘s why I think there are unlimited possibilities for developers in term of innovative applications.

My Motto is that there is no problem but only solution and we just have to keep on working until we find them.

Personal qualities

These are the qualities my friends and colleagues said about me


I love innovation, I'm trying to improve the way "things work" by rethinking and improving their process.


I care about structure of things, I love making projects that are maintainable and modulable. Clean code is my moto!

Hard Worker

I spent countless hours working just because I loved it. The most challenging, the better it is.


Listening is the best way to learn. I'm always listening people and I find it very valuable.

Professional Timeline

Working hard and making the success

I met many cultures in many countries
There's tons to say!

  • Aug 2016 - Today

    1Life Workplace Safety Solutions, CA

    Mobile Developer

    As the lead mobile developer in 1Life, I'm responsible for developing and maintaining mySafetyApp for both iOS and Android. I get to be in the front line when we decide to implement new features. I'm also participating in the development of our RESTful API. We're working on exciting projects and we're helping workers to get back safely to their homes everyday!

  • Dec 2014 - Dec 2015

    Université de la Réunion, FR

    Software Developer

    I was responsible of debugging and improving some of the functionalities of the existing ERP (custom PHP framework developed by a previous developer 3 years before). In the meanwhile, I have been responsible for launching and managing several projects: an iPad application promoting the institute and a screen wall of 9 screens managed by raspberry pi. I reported my work directly to my superior through documentation inspired by AGILE methodologies with daily report and weekly meeting.

  • Dec 2014 - Nov 2015

    Geko Inv., FR

    Mobile Development Leader

    I was responsible for architecting, designing and deploying the Geko Mobile Application in both iOS and Android platforms. I prototyped the application with xCode storyboard. I created the design by inspiring myself from the example at Pinterest with the company graphic charter. I completed the iOS version of the application and leaded the team through the Android version (by sharing the graphic resources and explaining the algorithms). I maintained a good working peace by reporting our work weekly and meeting the whole company monthly for working reviews.

  • Sep 2011 - Oct 2014


    IT Engineer Student

    ESIROI is the University of Reunion Island's Engineering School. The school awards the "diplôme d'ingénieur", the recognized equivalent to an MSc Degree. It is located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, one of Europe's outermost regions. By virtue of its unique geostrategic position it is one of the few European engineering schools in the region.

    As a component of the University of Reunion Island and with support from the Regional Council of Reunion, ESIROI students benefit from high-quality teaching, a network of international connections and prime working conditions in terms of equipment and laboratories. This is the first overseas engineering school to be certified by the French accreditation agency CTI (Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur) and it takes up the challenge of excellence offering its graduates an opportunity to shine throughout the Indian Ocean region and further afield.