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Winnipeg Bids

Winnipeg Bids provides all the open bids available in the city of Winnipeg!


If you're a contractor looking for opportunities in the city, don't look further: Winnipeg Bids provides all the information you need to apply for open bids.

The application is separated between open and closed bids. Closed bid can give you a quick overview of what the city has been requested in the past while open bids give you all information that you'll require to bid on an offer (Bid information, officer, contact, attached documents, etc.). You can also attach your own notes to each bid, but be aware that these notes are only stored locally and won't be retrieved if you uninstall/reinstall the app.

Takes notes and contact the officers as simply as a tap on your screen!

What I learnt from this project

  • Building a project from scratch
    1. I had to write the specs for this project myself
    2. I designed it completely
  • Winnipeg Open Data
  • The city of Winnipeg is providing developer with a lot of open dataset. This is awesome as you can develop application feeding from those datasets without worrying about maintaining them!

Use the app!

The application is free with a potential upgrade for $1.99, the free version limits you to 50 notes overall, but if you can always delete old notes from closed bids to make room for new ones!

Download the app for iOS